High School

Grades 8 - 12


High School 8th - 12th Grade

The high school at NCA focuses on both academic and spiritual growth.  Each day concludes with electives that students sign up for going into the school year.  Electives include Yearbook, Worship Team, Games & Sports, Drama, Home Skills, Art, and more. Our upper high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit at Mansfield University or Corning Community College.

  • Highly qualified Christian teachers

  • Student-focused, Hands-on learning

  • Small class sizes (10-15 students)

  • Updated Science Lab

  • Sports teams

    • Boys' and Girls' Soccer

    • Boys' and Girls' basketball

    • Boys' and Girls' volleyball

  • Spanish I, II, and III 

  • Over 10 elective choices

  • Driver's Ed


Connect with us

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  • dummy+1 570-662 2996

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