Our Mission

Developing each student's unique potential

About us

Guiding children on a journey of discovery

From the first day of school to the day they receive their diploma, your child will find changes, challenges, and new worlds to explore each day. With God as our navigator, our academy serves as a guide for your son or daughter during this odyssey of discovery.

Faculty who put your kids first

The 22 members that make up our full and part time faculty are both dedicated to Christ and committed to helping kids. Each is also a highly qualified member of their field, with many holding advanced degrees.

Integrating God's word into each program

This focus in both academics and extracurricular activities helps your student grow not just academically, but spiritually, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally, allowing them to build critical thinking skills while also learning respect for others. This commitment to an orderly, disciplined environment enables our teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on excelling.

About us

Individual attention for each student

The ratio of pupils to teachers is 10:1, with a maximum of 18 students per class, allowing our students to maintain an outstanding record of academic achievement. In addition to the wide variety of subjects that are studied throughout the year, field trips are also organized to reinforce textbook material and bring your son or daughter into fellowship with the community.

Building a strong foundation for success

Historically, 90% of New Covenant Academy's seniors go on to college, with most being accepted at the institution of their choice. For some students, however, success means finding a job in their chosen profession after graduation, so we also work with local employers and vocational training program staff to develop creative opportunities for our non-college bound seniors. New Covenant Academy offers both a College Prep and a General diploma.

Your involvement is also important

Parents are our partners in the education process, and can be found volunteering every day that school is in session. Each classroom has a parent volunteer who shares their expertise and helps with special projects and field trips, and our cafeteria program is supplemented by volunteers. The parent-run New Covenant Academy Auxiliary is also well known for the services they offer and the events they sponsor.

Our admissions policy

Youth of any denomination, nationality, race, or cultural background are welcome at New Covenant Academy. Our projected enrollment of over 200 students includes representatives from over 40 area churches over three counties. As a school founded on the principles of love, compassion, and unity, we also ask that students and parents support our efforts to provide Christ-centered education. All students must apply for admission each year, and registration acknowledges the willingness of students and parents to abide by school policies.


School bus transportation is available in these districts:

• Northern Tioga • Southern Tioga • Troy-Canton* • Wellsboro * 

Parents and volunteers are also able to transport students from other areas.

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